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Mark Thorne, aka Joshua Adams, over the last 32 years, has repeatedly experienced, first hand, that God still uses ordinary people like you and I to perform the miraculous, which ultimately proves to the world that our God is very much alive and that the God of the Bible is indeed the God of the today!

Mark’s dramatic and sometimes humorous accounts of his personal experiences as a police officer suggest that God speaks far more often than we hear, and that God still performs miracles in the lives of ordinary people today!

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Mark Thorne, pen name Joshua Adams, worked as a Fort Worth Police Officer for over 31 years, retiring in September of 2016. Over his career, he worked as a Patrol Officer, Detective, and Sergeant serving in various assignments. Since retirement, Mark and his wife Lacey started a company that renovates older homes to market in the Fort Worth area. In 2009, Mark founded a Cop Bible Study that ministers weekly to police officers called “Cop Talk” and speaks often in churches and to men’s groups.  

In his leisure time Mark enjoys working out, gardening, riding motorcycles, playing golf, fishing and hunting. Mark has been married for over 30 years to his wife Lacey and enjoys spending time with her and their two boys Matt and Mike.