A Cop and His God

Volume 2 has been officially released and available for purchase!

100% of the profits of both books will go to help police officers and their families and to further the Kingdom of God everywhere!

Volumes 1 & 2 of "A Cop and His God" demonstrate that God can take anyone regardless of occupation, location, background or training and use them in a mighty way for God’s kingdom. These readings will increase the readers’ faith and trust in God!"

What are others saying about A Cop and His God?!

Sgt Adams, I picked up your book from a State Trooper buddy of mine. I have absolutely loved it. One of my two favorite stories about you was the gang banger whom you asked, “Do you know Jesus?”, while you interrogated him! I am still laughing… Sam Livingston, Police Officer, Buena Vista, Colorado

Sgt Adams, I read the book and loved it. I liked it so much, I purchased 10 more which I gave to some of my COP friends! I will have to place an additional order soon! Barry Curtis, Corporal, City of Houston, Police Department

Mark, your talk at our Men's meeting at Wedgwood Baptist Church was tremendous! Men came up to me afterwords charged and challenged! Thanks for what you do! Dan "Cadillac" Saville, Lt Col (ret) USAF Christian F-16 fighter pilot

Mark, I just finished reading your book. To bad you don't have it in Spanish yet. I could use 10,000 copies right now. When the 2nd book is out please let me know. I continue to use your life as an example to the police officers here in Nicaragua, God's blessing on your life - Bob Caiazzo, Missionary to Nicaragua Centro America

I wept continually as I read your book. I have come to understand from reading the book that God really wants to have a closer relationship with me. Something in the book came off the pages and touched my heart. I will never be the same! Cecilia – Weatherford, Texas

After I read the book "A Cop and His God", I was so encouraged that I bought 20 more to give to my friends as gifts! Karen Smith, Retired Lieutenant, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Once I started reading it, I just could not put it down! It was like pictures painted with words. I could see every situation as it unfolded! The book spoke two things to me most powerfully! One, it will no doubt bring many to know God on a more personal level. Second, that God is a living person who can and will speak to anyone who will listen! I found myself telling my wife it was like a modern day book of ACTS! It has encouraged me beyond words and will no doubt change the lives of many! Robby Jernigan, Chaplain, Marshfield Missouri


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