About A Cop and His God

Mark Thorne, aka Joshua Adams, over the last 32 years, has repeatedly experienced, first hand, that God still uses ordinary people like you and I to perform the miraculous, which ultimately proves to the world that our God is very much alive and that the God of the Bible is indeed the God of the today!

Mark’s dramatic and sometimes humorous accounts of his personal experiences as a police officer suggest that God speaks far more often than we hear, and that God still performs miracles in the lives of ordinary people today!

Volume 1 - Table of Contents

The Cable Guy
The Wall
Disco Queen (The Lady in Black)
Mister Jumbo
OFFICER DOWN!  All Units Stand By, Emergency Traffic Only!
The Dream-Giver
The Nightclub
The Mocker
Don’t Just Send a Wrecker, Send the Fastest Wrecker
I Have Nobody—I’m All Alone
Raised from the Dead
The Red Skinned Dancing Lady
Pinned to the Pew
When He Dies, I’m Going to P%$*! on His Grave!
The Prostitute at Piggly Wiggly
Do You Know How I Know You’re A Man of God?
The Dan and Sarah Veneen Story
The Cartoon Man
Raised from the Dead and New Brains Too!
He Can Kill You with a Word; He’s a Witch You Know!
The Shut-up Family
The Man in Black,What Do We Do Now?
The Landlord
Now It’s Time to Earn Your Money
The Skinheads

Volume 2 - Table of Contents

Two Cartons of “Kool Filter Kings”
You Better Talk To My Attorney
The Mystery of the Passed Out Girl
The County Hospital and the Doctor with the Big Fist
The Wrestler
The Condoms
Four Cops and Two Donut Shops
Do You Claim to be a Servant of the Most High God?
Power, Sex, and Money
The Parking Ticket at Blockbuster Video
The Rogue Nine
The Rookie Who Got Fired
The Midnight Shift Dragnet
The Soggy Yard Neighborhood Feud
The Cop Who Couldn’t Speak
The Gay Guy Whose Praise God Would Not Accept
The Emotional Jogging Lady
The Mounted Officer Who Said, “I Don’t Believe In That Stuff”
The Policeman and the Pastor: We’ve Been Expecting Them
I’m Scared To Go To Sleep At Night
Hair On Fire
The Hideout At Regal Ridge
The Voodoo Guy in the Park
The One Who Got Away… Or Did He?

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